Electronics Are Becoming Greener and Smaller


It was not that many decades ago when advancements in computer61512ecofriendlymain0 technology developed the personal computer that took no more space than the top of the desk. This innovation revolutionized computing and replaced electricity-hungry mainframe models that once required an entire room to function. In recent years, electronics has become significantly greener and smaller, and will shrink even more in size in the near future.

The computing power of desktop PCs of yesteryear had to make way for large laptops and cell phone technology. Today, our mobile tablets and smartphones allow us to carry huge volumes of data and access to communication on devices small enough to fit into our pocket. While new advancements make our old computing technology seem quaint, today’s devices will soon be outdated too.

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Driverless Car Technology: Look, No Hands!

The days of maintaining the proper driving technique of keeping your hands at the 10 and 2 o’clock position on the steering wheel may soon be gone forever. While driverless motoring has been a concept only dreamed of for nearly 100 years, Google and other car manufacturers are bringing autonomous motoring into the new millennium. In fact, Google’s version of the driverless car is devoid of the steering wheel, pedals, switches and controls.

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