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The students’ assignment was to critically examine and evaluate newspapers to fact-check and record exemplary articles, as well as bad articles related to the presidential campaign. They read USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and the Des Moines Register, focusing on articles dated approximately from mid-August to mid-September. Each student had a system for keeping track of articles and evaluation: Melissa highlighted “high” and “low” points; Jamie had a grading scale; while Megan had an “eh” scale. They collected articles, read and reviewed, made poster board displays, and used Powerpoint. As part of their presentation, they had made a short movie on how not to run a campaign, but they also used Camtasia to record a presentation to be posted on-line (YouTube). They were interviewed by a reporter on local radio KNIA/KRLS:

They also did a presentation to the Friends group and members of the public on November 13, 2012. There were 25 people in attendance.

Project Team:

  • Melissa Molloy
  • Megan Molloy
  • Jamie Hunt


  • Roslin Thompson

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