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We picked the subject of gun rights, simply because we live in Iowa, and many of us know a good deal about the subject. So we watched both Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama and went to their websites to see what their views were on gun rights. The problem was that both candidates were hardly saying anything about the subject of gun rights. We decided to switch our topic to Medicare, since it was a hotly debated item. Sure enough, our Google alerts were full every day. This provided us with enough articles to review and study, to look for any flawed or perfect examples in bias. After doing so, we created a video through Camtasia to show our work, in presentation format. When everything was finished, we presented to the people at Sioux Center’s Public Library.

Project Team:

  • Micah Bilby
  • Keaton DeJong
  • Caleb Bilby


  • Becky Bilby

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