Tried & Tested Exercises for You

Tempo-Run-631x421There are significant benefits to regular physical exercise that can boost your mood, enhance your sex life, and improve your health. If you want to feel better, live longer and increase your energy levels, you need to look no farther than regular exercise. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, the health benefits provided by routine workouts are hard to ignore. Below are seven tried and tested exercises to improve your life.

#1 Running

Of all the available cardiovascular exercise options, running 3 to 4 times every week simply cannot be beat. This high-intensity, very affordable exercise can be performed without expensive equipment. This is because you have the ability to run anywhere including on trails, at the beach, in the park, or on a treadmill. At virtually any speed, running can burn significantly more calories every hour compared to nearly every other option. In addition, it tones essential muscle groups in the legs, buttocks and core.

#2 Swimming

Swimming is beneficial to everyone, including those that are unwilling or unable to run. Even though swimming will not burn as many calories every hour compared to running, it still has the ability to build strong muscles in the legs, chest and arms. One significant advantage swimming has over running is the reduced potential of injury. In fact, swimming is often uses a therapeutic solution for individual suffering a variety of injuries.

#3 Walking

If you are looking to lose weight, you need to consider walking. Other than investing in a quality pair of walking shoes, it does not require equipment or a gym membership. The low impact exercise minimizes stress injuries on the legs, knees and ankles. For many individuals suffering from heart disease or obesity, walking can be a low intensity, effective weight loss activity that promotes better health and an enhanced sense of well-being. Depending on your weight, you can burn up to eight calories every minute by walking at a four mile per hour pace.

#4 Cycling

As an effective low impact activity, bicycling provides high rewards including weight loss. This is because bicycling can burn up to more than 1100 calories every hour. Your results will depend on the speed and terrain of your exercise along with your weight. Cycling is far easier on the joints than running. However, like running it can be performed indoors on gym equipment, or outdoors on a variety of different terrains. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and strengthens the lower body.

#5 Elliptical Trainer

Whether at the gym or home, the elliptical trainer provides a low impact intensive full-body workout. The elliptical trainer is far superior to a treadmill because it is much easier on the joints. The equipment can be set to a variety of intensity levels that lowers and raises the ramp. High-intensity elliptical trainer workouts can include going backwards to target specific muscle groups in the back and front of the legs.

#6 High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is without a doubt one of the more efficient exercises for losing weight. The short duration exercise produces maximum results in minimal time. HIIT exercise should be performed three times every week for 20 minutes to produce incredible benefits. The interval training ramps up the body’s metabolism while burning massive amounts of calories, during and long after the exercise. Interval workouts can be performed in various exercises including biking, running, swimming, walking, or lifting weights. Mixing up the workout’s intensity level will produce far better results than steady exercise in the same amount of time.

#7 CrossFit Exercise

CrossFit exercise is much the same as high-intensity training except that it involves speed and strength training, endurance exercises, plyometrics, weightlifting and other activities. It incorporates every major component of physical fitness including a cardiorespiratory workout, increased flexibility, power, endurance and speed.

If you are worried about preventing high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, these tried and tested exercises can help. They can lower bad cholesterol and unhealthy triglycerides, and have been proven to improve mood, boost energy,